About Us


The Swell Advantage

Swell Advantage is a collection of technology professionals and ocean enthusiasts dedicated to building tools that enhance the boating experience for everyone. Located in Halifax, Canada, and San Diego, U.S.A, Swell Advantage is applying emerging technologies to the marina sector making it easier for people to use marinas, boat clubs, and government waterfronts.

Our Origin Story

Swell Advantage was founded in Canada’s Ocean Playground, Nova Scotia in 2014. Co-founders Craig Sheppard and Iaian Archibald were looking for a way to combine their love of the marine environment and emerging technologies to build an exciting new technology company. After successfully building products focused on navigation and e-commerce, Craig and Iaian decided that they could have the biggest impact by focusing on simplifying and improving how marinas, boat clubs and government waterfronts manage operations.

Swell Advantage

/‘swel ədˈvan(t)ij/ (n.)
1. When a boater uses the forward motion of a wave to get ahead of their competition in a race.