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What is Swell Advantage? 

Swell Advantage is modern marina and waterfront enterprise management software with a fully integrated community and customer relationship management (CRM) tool. 

Swell helps you get the right boat, in the right berth, with the right on-the-dock hook-ups, at the right time. Your permanent and transient boaters will feel like they’re getting exceptional customer service with automated communications (e-mail and text!), document and picture management, self serve options and complete boater histories including all previous customer service interactions.

Simplified facility and community management for marinas, waterfronts and boat clubs.


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Empowered Customer Service

In the unschedulable marina environment you need tools with the flexibility and ease-of-use to fit a busy day of boater movements, boater requests and boater communications.

Swell allows you to access customer information from anywhere, communicate with boaters through e-mail or text directly in the program, and is built with the flexibility to help you get through the day no matter how much the day gets away from you.


Advanced Operations Support

Marina operations aren’t that complicated, but with all of the people and boat movements it can be very complex.

Swell has been built to help simplify the complexity of a chaotic summer day and help coordinate between co-workers no matter if they’re on the dock, in the office or off-site. Swell is designed to help marina staff next month, next week, tomorrow and right now all in one flexible and easy to use tool.


 For Boat Clubs

Enhance community management with transparency for waitlists and move requests, efficiently organized member services, transient management and increased member engagement. 

For Marinas

Find missed revenue, reduce operational costs and provide personalized customer experiences. 

For Public Facilities

Manage the complexity of multi-functional waterfronts that service recreational and commercial boaters. Increase compliance and transparency while improving coordination between facilities.