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A marina or boat club consists of two layers, the facility and a community of boaters. Swell Advantage has been developed to help you manage both layers together. The result is an intuitive, transformational tool that streamlines and simplifies marina and club management towards more revenue and happier boaters. 


Data management: applications, move requests and waitlists

Great marina management and customer service starts with the data. Having organized, complete and actionable data allows you to make the right decisions and allows you to provide exceptional in-the-moment customer service.   

Swell's application tool helps you collect the right data when the boater is most motivated to give it. Applications can be shared with a simple link, embedded in your website or easily filled out over the phone.

The waitlist with automated communications keeps that data fresh and actionable. Swell ensures move requests are honored when slips come free and adds transparency to decision making. 

Swell keeps your information organized and actionable.


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Advanced multi-channel communication

Swell simplifies your daily routine allowing you to focus on your customers with all of their information at your fingertips. Customer profiles and communications can be accessed on any mobile device, anywhere in the marina. 

Use e-mails, text messages, phone calls, snail mail, and fax to communicate with customers all through one interface. Messages can be translated into different languages, scheduled to fit boater lifestyles, and sent to specific groups of customers. Automated communications handle things like insurance reminders and keeps your waitlist fresh.

Swell allows you and your team to work together to provide an exceptional level of customer service. 


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Operation support

Marinas are dynamic, complex facilities. It's not that hard to keep a marina running, but it's really hard to do an exceptional job at it. 

Swell supports marina managers by giving you tools focused on growing top-line revenue and creating more harmonius marina communities. Each time a slip comes free Swell presents options based on internal move requests, internal moves to increase revenue or boater harmony, and what boat on the waitlist to select based on revenue potential and how you want your marina community to evolve. 

Swell provides the support, tracking, transparency, staff accountability and analytics to help increase top line revenue, reduce inefficiencies, and build stronger marina communities with less turnover. 


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Spend less time on repetitive communications and more time providing personalized customer service.

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Manage the complexity of slip turnover and boater engagement with decision making and communications support.

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Find missed revenue, tap into new revenue streams, reduce overhead and gain a better understanding of what drives your business forward.