Empowering you to provide exceptional customer service


Advanced multi-channel communication

Swell simplifies your daily routine allowing you to focus on your customers with all of their information at your fingertips.

Use e-mails, text messages, phone calls, snail mail, and fax to communicate with customers all through one interface.

Messages can be translated into different languages, scheduled to fit boater lifestyles, and sent to specific groups of customers.


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Boater application and waitlist management

Simplified, shareable, organized marina applications that can be embedded in your website, shared in an e-mail, filled out on a tablet mounted in the office, or easily filled out over the phone. 

Automated communications ensure your waitlist stays fresh. Our sorting algorithms add transparency to slip assignments and move requests.

Swell keeps your information organized and actionable.



A happier marina community

Keeping everyone happy in a marina community is hard. The different ways people use your marina sometimes conflict, and there are a lot of big personalities who own boats.

Recommended slip assignments consider how the boater will use your marina to increase harmony among boaters and keeps track of move requests. 

Communication tools help you identify problem boaters so staff can be proactive.    

Happier lifelong customers, more demand for your slips, and less complaints.


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