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Information management

Modern management practices and tools are all based on leveraging data. Swell helps you collect the right information, when boaters are most motivated to give it to you, and ensures that your data is always actionable.

Swell's algorithms and workflow structure help you keep on top of your waitlist, trade requests and internal moves to maximize revenue when making slip assignments.

Automated e-mails and texts keep waitlist information fresh and relevant. 

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Advanced customer service

Swell's customer relationship management tool (CRM) streamlines how you and your staff provide customer service.

For example, Swell allows you to walk the dock, see a bow line that's come undone, note that another staff member found it undone last week, take a picture, tie it off, take another picture of it tied, and send it to your boater in a text from your phone.

Simplifying your daily routine, allowing you to focus on your customers with all of their information at your fingertips.


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Stronger marina communities

Swell helps you organize and understand your community growing stronger relationships between boaters, while reducing friction between each other and the marina.

Has a boat moved at all in the past few months? What kinds of activities are your boaters doing? When are peak times weekly, monthly, and throughout the year?

Happier lifelong customers, more demand for slips, and less complaints.



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