Decision making and communication support helping you manage the complexity of slip turnover to drive revenue and build stronger marina communities


Decision making support

Swell helps you find missing revenue, reduces the amount of time a slip stays vacant between boaters and adds transparency to waitlist management.  

A marina is a complex, dynamic environment. A slip turning over demands an analysis of the docks, consideration of potential internal moves, selecting an ideal boat from the waitlist, and contacting the new boater to see if they’re still interested.

Swell actively manages your waitlist by calculating suggestions for the best actions to take based on customer information. Our decision making support keeps the waitlist fresh and customers informed.

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Stronger marina communities

A lot of the friction between boaters happens because people use their boats for different things. Some are into sport fishing, some like sailboat racing, some are liveaboards, and some use their boats to spend time with friends and family.

Swell’s system helps you get families with young children hanging out together on the dock, sport fishers comparing catches over lunch, and racers talking smack across the dock after a race. Happier customers, better online reviews, higher customer retention, more demand for your slips, and less complaints.


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Understand boater patterns

Swell helps you understand individual boater movements and service usage so you can provide a better, safer experience on the dock.

A well run, busy marina is a hive of activity. Even when you’re on the dock every day, it’s hard to understand exactly how your boaters are using the facility. Are the liveaboards ever taking the boat out of the slip? Has a boat moved at all in the past few months? What kinds of activities are your boaters doing?

Swell tracks when and where boaters enter and leave your marina. This allows you to better manage your boaters, ensure they're following rules and regulations, and helps you make extra revenue renting out empty slips to temporary guests.


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Decision making and communications support to help manage the complexity of slip turnover and boater engagement.

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