Find missed revenue in your marina


Maximize revenue

Swell helps you find the revenue you’re missing out on in your marina.

In medium to large marinas the process of assigning slips is complex. The average marina has over a 15% slip differential, or boats that don’t match their slips, and marinas rarely take advantage of allowable overhang.

Swell uses proprietary technology to coach and support your staff through the process of slip assignment. More slip revenue from individual boaters, reduced custoer churn, and less time for vacancies between boaters.

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Centralize information management

Swell’s advanced analytics give you the information you need to monitor the financial and operational health of your facilities.

Traditional marina software uses limited key performance metrics and aren’t able to go deep enough into the real drivers of slip revenue. Additionally, few marina ERP systems allow you to easily see the health of multiple marina properties. 

Swell’s deep analytics provide valuable insight into operational patterns to find hidden issues and new opportunities. This enables marina owners to make informed management decisions, and to understand current and future capital expenditures.

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Operational efficiencies

Swell helps you reduce operational overhead, increase demand for your slips, and reduce your risk profile.

Your staff spend a lot of time doing repetitive tasks like ensuring boater insurance is up-to-date, managing your waitlist, and keeping boaters aware of events and services. Swell automates a lot of the repetitive administrative activities that prevent staff from providing personalized customer service.

A stronger relationship with boaters reduces customer churn allowing you to raise slip fees. Reducing your risk profile allows you to negotiate lower insurance premiums.


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