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Swell Advantage
/’swel ədˈvan(t)ij/ (n.)

1. When a boater uses the forward motion of a wave to get ahead of their competition in a race.


From day one Swell's mission statement has been to help people safely enjoy the marine environment. For most boaters, the marina or boat club is where the journey begins.

Swell develops our products by working with some of the top marina managers and marina experts in the world while being driven by extensive customer feedback and observation. 

We're a dedicated team of marina professionals, technology builders and business people located in Halifax, Nova Scotia and San Diego, California.

Swell Advantage has committed to donating 1% of all revenue to non-violent ocean conservation efforts. For 2017, we donated to The Ocean Clean-Up which has developed technology to remove plastics from our oceans. 

We're always open to partnerships, feedback and suggestions. You can reach us through our toll-free number, +1-888-908-7858 or by e-mail at


Swell co-founders Iaian Archibald (CEO) and Craig Sheppard (CTO)

Swell co-founders Iaian Archibald (CEO) and Craig Sheppard (CTO)


If you’re a boating enthusiast passionate about enhancing marinas with modern technology, we would love to hear from you!