Empowering exceptional marina management


Swell is an intuitive tool that streamlines and simplifies marina and club management towards more revenue and happier boaters. 


Increase Revenue

  • Smart assignment tools help get the right tenant and transient boats in the right berths.

  • Smart internal move suggestions increase revenue from existing tenants.

  • Deep analytics to support better resource allocation and capital expenditures.

  • Full float plan and transient management feature set helps rent out empty tenant slips to transient boaters.

  • Swell increases revenue by 5% to 15% within two years more than paying for itself.


Streamline Operations

  • Easy seasonal employee on-boarding and employee training with modern, intuitive design.

  • Automation of highly repetitive communications and tasks.

  • Accessible anywhere, including from on the dock and from home.

  • Reduced time managing transients.

  • All boater communications (e-mail, text/SMS, phone calls and snail mail) in one place.


Financial and Operational Accountability

  • Full tracking of communications and boat movements with employee, date and time stamps.

  • Tiered employee access with individual logins.

  • Full circle financial accountability with point-of-sale (Square POS) and accounting integrations creates one accounts receivable “truth.”

  • Better decision making and issue recognition through deep, smart analytics.

  • Proactive management of boater insurance compliance, boat registrations and accounts payable.


Better Data Security

  • Protection against ransomware and malware.

  • Protection against rogue employee actions.

  • Secure financial reporting and POS/accounting partner integrations.

  • Deep protection of customer credit card information.

  • Tiered employee access.

  • Limited data exports by employees.


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For Marina Admin

Spend less time on repetitive communications and more time providing personalized customer service.

 For Dockmasters

Manage the complexity of slip turnover and boater engagement with decision making and communications support.

For Marina Owners

Find missed revenue, tap into new revenue streams, reduce overhead and gain a better understanding of what drives your business forward.