3 Steps to Become a Green Marina


Pollution is ruining our waters. The amount of garbage and dangerous chemicals in our ocean is at a historical high. Not only is pollution disgusting, it’s dangerous for the health of our eco-system. Contaminated water with unhealthy aquatic life can make the people and animals that live near it sick.

Polluted water has been receiving more attention than ever before and boaters want to see change. Who wouldn’t get tired of trash ruining a great day at the marina?

Make a difference by becoming a green marina

By following three steps, you can transform your marina into a healthy, clean marina.


Step 1: Get rid of floating trash

No boater likes swimming or dangling their feet off the dock in water that has trash floating nearby. Having a dockhand skim trash out of the water with a net cleans noticeable trash for a little while but more eventually floats back into the marina. The Seabin Project can fix this problem.

Seabin Project is a company that created a small bin that floats at the surface of marina water sucking up garbage through a water pump. It’s basically an automated trash bin for marina water. Dock hands would occasionally need to remove the trash caught in the bin but the marina is constantly getting cleaned.

Safe Harbour, the largest marina company in the world, is launching a pilot program with Seabin in all 64 of their marinas.




Step 2: Meet copper reduction requirements

Copper levels in water have reached near crisis levels due to copper based paints on sea boats. The US EPA, numerous states, and municipal water boards have developed limits for copper levels and are implementing copper reduction requirements to deal with this.

The Port of San Diego has invested in a couple companies that can solve this problem.

One of these companies is the Drive-in Boatwash. This company created a product that enables marinas to wash the bottoms of boats. Boats would drive into a small section of the marina that has an underwater brushing system to clean them. Not only does this reduce the spread of toxic copper, it actually reduces water friction saving boaters money on gas.

Drive-In Boatwash

Drive-In Boatwash

Another company with a vision of copper free waters is Red Lion Chem Tech. This company created a water filtration system that has proven capable of removing over 98% of copper from seawater. The product is made of a submersible ballast and water pump system.


Step 3: Become a certified Clean Marina

Investing in clean technology is not the only way to get involved in reducing water pollution. The International Clean Marina Program and the Association of Marina Industries provide training for environmental compliance best practices. Marinas apart of these programs can get certifications to proudly reflect their efforts.

Customers and future generations will appreciate marinas following these steps. Having clean, healthy waters is something we’re passionate about. We hope to see polluted waters become a thing of the past.

Clean Marina

Clean Marina

Andrew Trudel