Your Marina Needs Great Wifi

importance of wifi  pic.jpg

It isn’t a stretch to believe that in 2018 it’s more important to provide great wifi on the dock than freshwater. Over the past decade, since the arrival of smartphones, the vast majority of us have increasingly moved our physical lives online.

We pay our bills online and manage our investments online. We manage our friendships through social media and often use online tools like Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and Snapchat to communicate with our loved ones. We get our entertainment by playing massive online games and streaming everything from NFL games to the newest movie releases. Most jobs today require us to login to a web service at some point during the day, and most professionals require logging into secured servers, or VPNs, to work off-site.

Almost every aspect of our lives is deeply entwined with the internet. Especially for people in urban areas and people in younger demographics, we have become digital citizens.

So what does this mean for your marina?

It means that if you do not have decent (great would be awesome, but decent is the baseline) wifi, you’re removing your marina from your customer’s lives.

If a cardiologist can’t log into her Hospital’s VPN, she can’t use the family boat a quiet place to get away from the constant demands of the hospital and home.

If a dad wants to bring his pre-teen, and pre-teen’s friend, to the marina for the afternoon so he can keep an eye on them while working on his decking, it’ll be a short visit without wifi to keep the kids busy.

If a salesperson is using their boat to entertain clients and can’t login to send out a proposal between clients, they’re less likely to justify the expense of the boat.

I’ve heard some marina owners tell themselves that the marina is a place to unplug from our digital lives. There might be some truth this, but unplugging begins once we leave the dock, and often only as long as we’re within cell range in case something serious comes up.

For most people under 50, we’re happy living our digital lives and we’ll slowly, often unconsciously, remove the services and places who do not support our digital lives.

I’d love to be able to tell you that the most important thing you can do for the long-term health of your marina in to buy a modern, smart marina management system like Swell Advantage, but the reality is that your first priority should be upgrading your wifi… then call us for a demo to see what the future of marina management looks like.

Iaian Archibald